Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute |
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Tucked away amidst the emerald and golden fields of Prince Edward Island is a place of inner cultivation.

You would hardly know it exists because of its quiet and modest demeanour, but within the chaos of life lies a tranquil oasis.


Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute is a monastery where nuns study and practice the teachings of Buddha. As students of Buddha, we strive to learn Buddha’s wise and compassionate ways; we hope we can be like Buddha in bringing happiness to all beings. We believe that world peace starts from changing ourselves—as we learn to become more compassionate and develop inner peace, we can share this with others and create a ripple effect.


Together, we can make a positive influence on our society and all lives. We can share and keep the essence of Buddha’s teachings in this world. By studying Buddhist teachings and using what we learn to help others, we hope to bring harmony to different countries, religions, and cultures worldwide.