Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute | About Us
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About Us

As Buddhists, we believe that Buddha is very compassionate and wise. Our mission at Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute is to pass down the teachings of Buddha through the education of nuns and lay practitioners, and to put the teachings of compassion into practice within our everyday life.

In the monastery, we practice the Buddha’s teachings with the hope to bring happiness and peace to others. We are dedicated to repay the kindness of our greater society by giving back to community, and to foster nuns who will have a positive impact in the world.


GWBI is a growing monastic community that strives to nurture Buddhist practitioners and scholars who are strong in both the theory and practice of Buddhism. We hope to use the Buddhist teachings to better ourselves, and to make positive impacts within our community and the world. As an international Buddhist institute, our goal is to cultivate nuns and laity who can share the essence of the Buddhist teachings with people of all cultures and help communities all around the world.

As nuns learning the Buddha’s ways of compassion, we hope our actions, no matter how small, can brighten up the world around us.

Our mission at the Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute (GWBI) is to nurture nuns who practice the Teachings of the Buddha. As Buddhists, we believe that the Buddha is very wise and compassionate. To us, the Buddha can lead all beings to the greatest happiness. Through learning Buddhist principles, we can better understand and develop faith in the Buddha’s Teachings.


In the Sangha community, we practice the Buddha’s Teachings in order to bring happiness and peacefulness to this world. By learning from the Buddha, we hope to gain the necessary wisdom and compassion to have good morals and become people who can sincerely help others.


With the cooperative efforts of the Sangha community, we hope that everyone in the world can learn Buddhism together, experience positive changes in their lives, and achieve true happiness.

We especially welcome people from all countries who wish to become a nun to join our team.

Together, we can create many good deeds that benefit our society and all lives. At the same time, we can share and keep the Buddha’s complete Teachings in this world. By studying Buddhist Teachings and using what we learn to help others, we hope to bring harmony to different countries, religions, and cultures worldwide.