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about us
Our mission
& vision
Amidst the emerald and golden fields of Prince Edward Island, Canada is the tranquil monastery of Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute. We are a monastery for Buddhist nuns. Through our studies and practice of Buddha’s teachings, we hope we can bring joy, warmth, and hope to the world.
Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute's mission

1. We hope to actualize the Buddhist teachings of compassion and wisdom in all aspects of our lives, bringing happiness and warmth to others.

2. We wish to contribute to the betterment of our community and our environment, and to have a positive impact throughout the world.

3. In order to actualize the Buddhist teachings, we aspire to thoroughly understand the Buddhist teachings through the study of The Five Great Treatises.

4. We seek to become a world-class Buddhist institute for nuns and laity seeking to learn the teachings of Buddha.

As of 2017, there are approximately 130 nuns at GWBI. While most of us come from Taiwan, some of us hail from Canada, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States. We currently reside in our monastery located in Vernon Bridge but will be moving to Brudenell in the future.
As nuns learning the Buddha’s ways of compassion, we hope our actions can brighten up the world around us.
— Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute
Why Prince
Edward Island
Master Zhen-Ru has a special gift: the ability to clearly explain the Buddhist teachings in a way that inspires and allows her students to easily apply the teachings to their everyday lives. Master Zhen-Ru’s students have seen improvements to their relationships with others and overall quality of life after applying these Buddhist teachings. As such, Master Zhen-Ru’s students from all over the world wanted her to settle in their home towns so they could readily learn from her.
Searching for the ideal place to study and practice Buddhism, Master Zhen-Ru spent many years travelling to various countries. When she came to Prince Edward Canada, she was taken away by its serenity. She had lived in bustling cities where nights don’t differ from days, and felt the peace and quiet of PEI was perfect for Buddhist practice.
I think when people all over the world come to this charming countryside, all their troubles disappear. Although they haven’t dealt with their situations back home—but by looking at the trees, looking out at nature, looking at the skies—it’s as if their hearts have taken flight.
— Master Zhen–Ru
Finally she found Prince Edward Island, in Canada. Thereafter, many of her students came to PEI to study with Master Zhen-Ru. We were taken away by the Island’s natural beauty, tranquility as well as the friendly and down-to-earth people. Time and again we have been deeply touched by the acceptance, hospitality, and kindness shown to us by Islanders. As Buddhist nuns, our main focus is the study and practice of Buddha’s teachings. As such, we need a good learning environment. PEI is a great place to practice Buddhism.
Our mission