Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute | Our Vision
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Our Vision

In life, we sometimes encounter difficulties because we have a tendency to focus on ourselves and our own problems. At the monastery, we learn new ways to view life and gain the ability to control the quality and direction of our lives. In return, we would like to share these new perspectives with others to help remove their troubles.  For example, we offer spiritual and physical support to people when they encounter hardships (e.g. natural or man-made disasters). During such circumstances, we help others navigate toward an optimistic, new beginning in life.


Because of the Buddha, we learn that having good morals is very applicable to our daily lives. We learn values  that help us maintain good relationships with people around us as well as our environment. By encouraging environmental awareness, maintaining as much of an organic diet as possible, and planting trees, we can create a safe environment for the benefit of all lives as well as for future generations to come. When we care about and respect the environment, we can contribute to a brighter future. In this manner, we believe that Buddhism can help many people practice being kinder and more charitable.

With the cooperative efforts of the Sangha community, we hope that everyone in the world can learn Buddhism together, experience positive changes in their lives, and achieve true happiness. We especially welcome people from all countries who wish to become a nun to join our team.


Together, we can create many good deeds that benefit our society and all lives. At the same time, we can share and keep the Buddha’s complete Teachings in this world. By studying Buddhist Teachings and using what we learn to help others, we hope to bring harmony to different countries, religions, and cultures worldwide.